Truck got a new set of shoes

My truck got some new tires today.  Since I won’t be able to afford a newer truck for at least a year, this one has to keep me going, at least for now.  The rear passenger-side tire was loosing pressure at 5psi/day.  I pretty much had it fill it up every time I wanted to drive the truck.  Plus, with the AZ trip coming up, I really didn’t want to be dealing with tire problems. Continue reading Truck got a new set of shoes

2014 Lexus ES 300h For Sale


I planned on owning this car for 10 years. I took care of it because I wanted to drive a really nice car for a long time. Life changed on me though, and I have to let this car go. I take great care of my cars, and it shows here.

Why is buying from me better than buying through a dealership? Continue reading 2014 Lexus ES 300h For Sale

10% Back on Amazon Purchases

I’ve had on my todo list for a while a chore I wasn’t looking forward to: Switch my American Express Delta Rewards card to a “regular” American Express card that didn’t have an annual fee.  The Delta Amex card had a $99/year annual fee, but it was worth it if you fly at least twice a year for the benefits it provided.  However, I haven’t been flying, and I’m not planning on it, so that’s a waste.

While looking for other Amex options, I found they had a promotion running on a “Blue” Amex card with no annual fee, and 10% back on Amazon purchases made in the first 6 months, up to a $200 value.  Yep, I’m gong to max that out!  So instead of paying an annual fee, I’m going to be saving $200 on purchases.  Sounds good to me!