Andersen No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch

I ordered the Anderson No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch yesterday and had a good time opening it up and assembling all the pieces.  This system is relatively light-weight compared to other traditional weight-distribution systems, plus they have to add on separate anti-sway hardware.  Still, it’s impressive just how much metal is involved in this thing. Continue reading Andersen No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch

2014 Lexus ES 300h For Sale


I planned on owning this car for 10 years. I took care of it because I wanted to drive a really nice car for a long time. Life changed on me though, and I have to let this car go. I take great care of my cars, and it shows here.

Why is buying from me better than buying through a dealership? Continue reading 2014 Lexus ES 300h For Sale

Rollin’ Ratchet Straps

I’ve been moving some furniture lately, and so I got to open up my new 4-pack of ratchet straps.  Unfortunately, after a ratchet strap is used, it rarely gets put away nicely, and even if you do roll it up, there’s nothing to keep it rolled up unless you go buy something else to hold it, and I didn’t really want to buy something just to keep the straps tidy.  So, they ended up in a mess like these things always do. Continue reading Rollin’ Ratchet Straps

This looks like fun!

Something I found I really enjoy is driving a highway capable vehicle off-road.  Recently I went to the renaissance festival, which was just like it always is, but before we left, we went tromping around in some of the less-used areas of the fields, and it was so much fun!  Driving through grasses that were as high as the front of the truck, rolling up and down small hills with huge invisible bumps (which throws you around a bit), and driving through mud pits, hoping to not get stuck.  It was a blast! Continue reading This looks like fun!

Saturn in the driveway!

I’ve noticed my truck pulls to the left, pretty consistently, so I figured I should get it checked out.  I know the truck has been in an accident before, but I don’t know if any of the damage would be related to this issue of being misaligned.  The pull to the left is relatively minor, and people other than me probably wouldn’t bother having it looked at, but I to keep things in good working order when I reasonably can. Continue reading Saturn in the driveway!

10% Back on Amazon Purchases

I’ve had on my todo list for a while a chore I wasn’t looking forward to: Switch my American Express Delta Rewards card to a “regular” American Express card that didn’t have an annual fee.  The Delta Amex card had a $99/year annual fee, but it was worth it if you fly at least twice a year for the benefits it provided.  However, I haven’t been flying, and I’m not planning on it, so that’s a waste.

While looking for other Amex options, I found they had a promotion running on a “Blue” Amex card with no annual fee, and 10% back on Amazon purchases made in the first 6 months, up to a $200 value.  Yep, I’m gong to max that out!  So instead of paying an annual fee, I’m going to be saving $200 on purchases.  Sounds good to me!