Monetary Delay

I just got back from a couple days of visiting family a few hours ago.  I’m already ready to head out on my next adventure.  I guess the idea of sitting at home all day tomorrow and working just isn’t that appealing.  I’m ready to go on another trip!

A couple days ago my uncle and I did some regular maintenance on the Great White Knight.  We changed the oil & filter, both fuel filters, and drained the fuel/water separator.  Diesel trucks certainly have more power than their gasoline-powered brothers, but they’re also more expensive to maintain.  Big toys, big bills.

Speaking of bills, the main reason I’m not already off on my next adventure is finances.  After buying the truck and paying for related expenses, I don’t really have a whole bunch of excess funds to go off on another adventure right now.  Unfortunately the real world of a checking account balance is sinking in and it’s delaying me a bit.

At this point I don’t have any plans for any travel until late March when I’m heading to Texas to help my parents with shopping for their next house.  I’m really looking forward to that trip, but it’s a full month away!  Yes, I know for most people a major trip a month away wouldn’t be long to wait, but I’ve become quite accustomed to doing things now.  No reason to put off ’til tomorrow what could be done today, and when it comes to adventures, it’s doubly true.

So for now, and the next couple weeks, blog entries will be few and far between.  Most of my days will be filled with working as much as I can each day ’til I get sick of it, then doing little of nothing in the evenings.  Who knows, if I find another perfect truck camper at some point in the near future, I might run off and get it.

P.S.: For anyone that’s interested, I’m getting 14.5 MPG with the White Knight when traveling on the highway without towing or hauling anything.  I’m using the cruise control and it’s set to about 68-70 MPH.

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  1. Im still gonna bug you, work or not. Remember: All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. A little balance is in order. I’m off to learn some Stevie Wonder-on the piano! P

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