Delays & Detours

I’m making some slight changes to the projected timetable for the trailer build.  Due to the RV budget being used up on non-build-related items (travel, truck maintenance), it’s become apparent that I’m going to be using the truck camper for a while longer than I had originally planned.  I had planned on being able to start really using the trailer by spring 2018, but with the planned expenses of the trailer build versus the available budget for it, it’s not going to happen that quickly.  As a result, I’ve started putting a small amount of money into the truck camper to make it a more comfortable rig for me. Continue reading Delays & Detours


I am living through a state of transition.  Change is always hard, but I guess having enough time to help acclimate to the upcoming changes helps.  I find that as I’m working through a variety of processes and procedures in the physical world, I’m also working through a series of process and procedures on an emotional level as well.  At some point soon, both will hopefully coalesce into a stable and beneficial outcome. Continue reading Transition

Rear Cargo Doors & Updated Prints

It’s been a full week since my last post, and that’s just because I’m dealing with issues in my personal life.  Nothing I want to share at this point.

The featured image above is an example of what the rear cargo doors will look like on my unit.  They look very solid and secure to me, so I’m happy with them. Continue reading Rear Cargo Doors & Updated Prints

First set of prints are in!

The first CAD-based prints are in!  They’re amazing!  Here’s a link to the 3D view and the full 6-page PDF file.

After seeing it in 3D, I’m having them change a few things, but overall, not much. I’m going to change the side door to have it’s hinge on the left side instead of the right (so I don’t block my window when it’s open).  The 4 main windows are being raised by 8″ to accommodate the 8″ raised floor I’m adding.  They’ve modified the “concession door” concept covering the front windows to a “Cover” which hinges on the “side” (instead of the top), so I’m asking about more details on that.  I rather liked the idea of having those doors hinge on the top so I could have them double as awnings.  We’ll see how that goes. Continue reading First set of prints are in!