Budget? What Budget?

Many of the upgrades and updates I did on the truck camper were actually performed before my last trip.  Because of that, I was basically climbing the walls with boredom waiting for my next trip since I didn’t have the budget to continue buying tools and supplies for the trailer build.  So, I disregarded the budget (for now), and I’ve continued with the trailer build! Continue reading Budget? What Budget?

Delays & Detours

I’m making some slight changes to the projected timetable for the trailer build.  Due to the RV budget being used up on non-build-related items (travel, truck maintenance), it’s become apparent that I’m going to be using the truck camper for a while longer than I had originally planned.  I had planned on being able to start really using the trailer by spring 2018, but with the planned expenses of the trailer build versus the available budget for it, it’s not going to happen that quickly.  As a result, I’ve started putting a small amount of money into the truck camper to make it a more comfortable rig for me. Continue reading Delays & Detours