AZ Layout & Bed Frame with Storage

I’ve been thinking about how exactly I want to arrange my household furniture in the trailer, and I went back into design mode.  Household furniture is large by RV standards, so it’s a bit awkward.  I’m pretty happy with the design I’ve come up with, including a new bed frame / storage solution I’m going to be building early next week. Continue reading AZ Layout & Bed Frame with Storage

Noise – My Achilles Heel

My biggest fear about the AZ trip, and the whole transition to RV life in general is about noise.  It may sound silly to most people, but I am very noise adverse.  I’ve built a lot of things in my life around avoiding noise, and as such I’ve built a very comfortable place for myself.  Exceedingly quiet townhouse in a quiet part of town, driving a quiet luxury car, working from home so I don’t have to deal with traffic or people at the office.  All very quiet.  There are many parts about travel that are not quiet at all. Continue reading Noise – My Achilles Heel

Muffler Upgrade

The truck’s muffler seems to have been getting louder lately, or perhaps I’m just more attuned to it since getting quieter tires.  Either way, I wanted to see what it would cost to have it repaired since I’ll be spending so much time in the truck.  I figured if it was over $500, I would skip it, but if it was under $500, then I’d consider it.  I had a little extra time today, so I looked for a local shop and picked one near me with a name I couldn’t resist: “The Wonderful Muffler Man“. Continue reading Muffler Upgrade

Storage Drop-off and More Photos

I’ve dropped off the trailer at it’s very temporary storage facility.  That went smoothly, as expected.  The featured image above shows where it’s going to live for the next week.  In front of the ice cream truck and other various RVs and trailers.  Since I’ll be picking it sometime next week, we just parked it in front of everything else. Continue reading Storage Drop-off and More Photos