2000 Ford F150 SuperCab 4×4 XLT 5.4 V8 For Sale

Now that things have settled down a bit, it’s time to put my old truck on the market, see if I have get any bites.  If I don’t get a good price for it, I’ll probably just keep it as the “family spare” vehicle.  This is basically a copy of the ad I’ve just posted on craigslist. Continue reading 2000 Ford F150 SuperCab 4×4 XLT 5.4 V8 For Sale

The Great White Knight

I now have, in the driveway, an enormous white truck.  This vehicle is not just a truck, it’s a leviathan.  Just to remind everyone of a few definitions of leviathan, “a thing that is very large or powerful, especially a ship” (source) or, more simply, “something large or formidable” (source).  At 8 feet wide and nearly 22 feet (262″) long, it fills up a parking space and then some.  It’s surprising that I can legally drive it with the same license used to drive what I would consider “regular” vehicles. Continue reading The Great White Knight

Truck Camper

I’ve been thinking about adding a truck camper to my equipment list.  Since I’ll need a heavy-duty truck to haul the trailer around, I have plenty of capacity to add  a truck camper to the mix as well.  Truck campers are great at mobility since there’s nothing to hitch up, unhitch, and backing up is a breeze.  Depending on the trip, I might take the trailer or the camper depending on the duration, number of stops, etc. Continue reading Truck Camper