Adventures at RTR

The days pass by very easily now.  Some days are filled with construction projects, others with hanging around or going to town.  Today I was able to go to the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival.

CJ and I are filling up water bottles in town.  There might have been a bit of overflow going on.

I built and installed a frame for Kelly’s fan.  Another helper with a jigsaw helped cut out the hole in the roof, and I took care of the putty tape, screws, sealant, and whatever else it needed to get installed.

Lee and I went to the ballon festival.  The trip up to Lake Havasu was, well, another exciting adventure in towing, and an adventure in moving camp at 10:30pm at night due to noisy neighbors, but it was all worth it.  I’m continuing to lust after a big new truck, perhaps even a F350 dually.  My old truck is living on borrowed time when towing that trailer.

At the festival the next morning, we could get right up and personal with the people filling up the balloons and get as close as we possibly wanted to them.  I was rather surprised about that.

The area where they were launching was quite nice.  It was about a football field sized area, which was hard to find in the very hilly terrain of Lake Havasu.  They had real grass on a lot of it, which was a welcome change from the rocks of Quartzsite.

The first balloon lifted off at about 7:45am, and then a variety of others launched in the next hour or so.  It was fun to watch.  I’m still surprised we could get so close and mingle around the crews as they’re working on launching the balloons.  That was neat.

There were lots of different balloons, these two obviously belonged as a set.

They even had a giant fire truck balloon.

And me, wearing a hat and not having shaved in a few days.

Tomorrow the plan is to get some more work done, then do some exploring in town for lunch and part of the afternoon.  Lots of vendors are coming in for the big RV show that starts next week, so it’s a good diversion.

One thought on “Adventures at RTR”

  1. The balloons are really neat. I bet filling them with those big flame throwers is noisy but exciting. So much more fun than sitting in your office in winter MN working! Georgeous scenery in the background.. Good selfie and thanks for the shots of your companions. Are they full time RV people?
    Nice of you to help with the install of the ceiling vent. You have skills!
    Big bad truck on the wish list here too. Contrast that with the Elio that I was looking at!
    I am having a great time reading your blog.

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