Budget? What Budget?

Many of the upgrades and updates I did on the truck camper were actually performed before my last trip.  Because of that, I was basically climbing the walls with boredom waiting for my next trip since I didn’t have the budget to continue buying tools and supplies for the trailer build.  So, I disregarded the budget (for now), and I’ve continued with the trailer build! Continue reading Budget? What Budget?

Let there be light!

I’ve made some real, visible progress!  Took down the ceiling panels, adding 2″ of additional insulation, cut out holes for the lights, ran the wiring, put the ceiling panels back up and wired up the lights.  Hooked it all up to a temporary battery and flicked the switch – first time, no issues, all the lights turned on!  It was a beautiful, gratifying moment. Continue reading Let there be light!