Lacking a sense of home

Last night the rangers came back and had a solution from management: Move my rig over to the next campsite across the street for the night and pay the standard full-hookups rate for an evening ($31).  I’m literally a couple dozen feet away from where I was, and at least for last night, abiding by their rules.  But for some reason, this whole situation made me very upset, and I’ve finally figured out why. Continue reading Lacking a sense of home


As I’m standing in the rear door of my camper, I can’t help but wonder, “How weird am I?”  How many other people can say that on a random Wednesday night they’re in the parking lot of a high school they didn’t know existed a few hours ago with the intention of staying the night?  I’m sure this kind of idea pops up for every RVer at some point, or at least the strange ones like me that are somewhat untraditional. Continue reading Normal?


I am living through a state of transition.  Change is always hard, but I guess having enough time to help acclimate to the upcoming changes helps.  I find that as I’m working through a variety of processes and procedures in the physical world, I’m also working through a series of process and procedures on an emotional level as well.  At some point soon, both will hopefully coalesce into a stable and beneficial outcome. Continue reading Transition

Noise – My Achilles Heel

My biggest fear about the AZ trip, and the whole transition to RV life in general is about noise.  It may sound silly to most people, but I am very noise adverse.  I’ve built a lot of things in my life around avoiding noise, and as such I’ve built a very comfortable place for myself.  Exceedingly quiet townhouse in a quiet part of town, driving a quiet luxury car, working from home so I don’t have to deal with traffic or people at the office.  All very quiet.  There are many parts about travel that are not quiet at all. Continue reading Noise – My Achilles Heel