Backup Internet Access

So I’m sitting at home watching Netflix, and it just stops and spins.  I check my phone and laptop, and sure enough, they can’t connect to the ‘net either.  Enter Verizon JetPack!

I switched all the devices over to using the JetPack and was back online in a few moments.  I went onto Comcast’s site and found that, yes, there is an internet outage in my area.  Who knows why, we haven’t had any storms in a while, and other than being cold, it’s bright and sunny out.

Regardless, I love having backups for everything I possibly can, and having backup internet access is really nice to have.

And why am I watching Netflix at 1:30pm when I “should” be working?  Because I only got 4.5 hours of sleep last night.  Why did I get such a small amount of sleep?  Food poisoning.  Why did I get food poisoning?  Trying to eat healthy.  Stupid human body.  So with all of that reasoning out of the way, that explains why I’m watching Netflix in the afternoon.  I’m basically incapable of working because my brain is not working anywhere near its usual potential.

Actually, I’m really quite grateful that I’m able to basically take the day off today with no real consequences.  I didn’t have to get up at 6am (or earlier), try to warm up a car in 0°F weather, sit in traffic, sit at a desk and work a job I’d hate.  I got to skip all of that.  Instead, I’m simply taking the day off and recuperating.  By tomorrow I should be back up to my normal abilities and capabilities.

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