Second Round of Gear

Yes, it is possible to get deliveries on Sundays.  I’m a member of Amazon Prime, and Amazon really tries to stick by the 2-day delivery idea, even if it means they have to schedule Sunday deliveries.  I don’t really need stuff on Sundays, but it seems I have a tendency to order on Thursdays and Fridays on a frequent basis, so I’m getting used to these Sunday deliveries. Continue reading Second Round of Gear

New Battery Bank Project

Yesterday I started running tests on my ancient Optima Yellow Top, because I suspected that after 11 years and various torture through it’s lifetime, it might not be still up to its original factory spec.  My concerns turned out to be valid.  Putting a 20-watt load on the battery sent its voltage down to under 12v, which pretty much means it’s shot. Continue reading New Battery Bank Project