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The last 5 or so days have been really busy with work and personal life stuff.  Today, although it’s technically Tuesday, has been a Saturday for me.  Woke up early and rested, got what little work was waiting for me done, went and voted and was back home before 9am.

Now that I have a delivery window, I figured it was time to get my winter storage arranged for the trailer, and that’s been handled.  I found an ad on craigslist where a farmer not very far outside of town was letting people park their RVs, trailers, etc., for very reasonable prices.  Since I had the time today, I grabbed the truck, went out there and checked it out.  Turns out he’s a shade tree farmer, which I didn’t know such professions exist, but they do.  He’s also blind, which was an interesting twist.  He has 23 acres and was doing indoor storage units on his property for a long time, and that worked out well, and within the last couple years started doing outside storage.  He says the outside storage has really taken off, and I can believe it.  In my limited view of the property, I saw maybe 2 dozen different RVs, trailers, vehicles, etc.  With each of them going for either $20 or $30/month (depending on size), it was obviously a nice revenue stream for him.  Fortunately, he’s not alone out there, his wife is around, and his eldest son is three houses away, so they help out.  The place is just under a half hour away from my house, and it’ll cost me $20/month.  Can’t beat that.

Rather than going home, I went to the local library, as I’ve started doing, just to look at some different walls while I work.  I got a few minutes in there, until my wanderlust took over and I left.

I did something truly amazing today: I bought lunch from a restaurant, and it’s not (technically) a weekend!  I’m telling you, this is the life!  I got chinese from a local takeout place that a friend had recommended but I’d never had the time to visit.  It was pretty average fare, I was just so grateful to have the time to actually leave my desk and go do something in the real world!

I can’t wait to leave the rat race.

I am completely emotionally ready to pack up everything and go.  Yes, the trailer still needs to be constructed and at least partially made into a living space, but those are just details.  I am ready to go see what my next life holds in store for me.

I’ve been reading blogs of other RVers/travelers, and one article that really struck a chord with me today was Bob Well’s article, “The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned as a Full-time Vandweller“.  The idea that working your whole life to someday enjoy retirement just doesn’t work for me, just as it doesn’t work for apparently a good number of other people.  I can enjoy helping some of my clients and really work collaboratively with them, and that’s fun.  I don’t think of that as work.  Right now I do have a “job” though, and I can’t wait to be done with that.

One more reason I’m ready to go?  Filled up the tank on the truck today with $1.98 gas.  Unbelievably cheap!  Hopefully gas will stay cheap enough for a couple years (maybe 10 years?) until I can buy an electric truck.  Yes, I know, they don’t exist yet and nobody even has plans to make them, but someday they will.  And it will be glorious.

This afternoon I’m going to watch a movie that’s been sitting around for a couple weeks, then I might go veg out on election coverage.  I’ve been pretty much avoiding all political news for the last couple months, but I rather like the idea of it coming to a close, at least for a while.

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  1. What a good day you had. I agree on the live life today style…not all of us are lucky enough to figure that out financially but I am so happy that you have. Being able to take your revenue stream with you each day is a blessing for sure. Love the blog! Continue on!

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