Alabama Hills

Moving on from Lake Isabella, we took a very tight and windy road (read, not relaxing when you’re driving a wide rig!) on to “Alabama Hills“, just outside of Lone Pine, CA.  Lots more rock scrambling opportunities here too!  Joni and I were out just about every day going up and down every rock we could find. 🙂

This is where the movie Tremors was filmed, so we had to watch it after we had been there a couple days.  I think that’s something that might become something of a tradition, watching movies that were filmed in whatever locations we end up at.

Crawling on top of, under, or through the rocks was great fun!

I love what Joni says toward the end of the video!

The view out my back door.

Spectacular lighting in this photo!

All of us in a respectable photo.  Who knew that could happen?

Mobius Arch.

Another random shot showing typical topography of the area and the types of stuff we’re climbing on.

What it feels like when the hotspots aren’t working right…

How all five of us fit in Joni’s bed and watch videos.

Just another awesome shot of camp!

4 thoughts on “Alabama Hills”

  1. Oh man, SUCH good times! I’m really missing our scrambles. I found some boulders to scramble yesterday and could have gone higher/more challenging with you. Might have to drag you to Lake Mead after you get your trailer finished…

    Thanks for the lovely reminisce.

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