Mission Accomplished!

I came to the RTR in Quartzsite to meet some new people, escape MN winter for a while, and enjoy the sense of community.  Mission accomplished.  The last 24 hours have been perfect.

Yesterday afternoon I went to one of the social gatherings and ended up staying for the campfire.  Met some new people, and really had a good time.  It’s nice being with people that are the same kind of crazy as you are.

This morning we had an introductory seminar from Bob Wells regarding some basic rules for us around the campsite (drive less than 10mph, keep dogs on leashes, etc.), as well as an introduction to where services were in Quartzsite and we had an extended session of people either offering their services, items for sale, or services or items wanted.  Bob also reviewed the upcoming seminars and what they’re about.  It wasn’t exactly the most efficient means of disbursing information, but life here works a bit more slowly than the highly-efficient means and methods I’m accustomed to.

After the morning meeting, Kelly, CJ, and I gathered our trash bags, coolers, water containers, and headed into town.  We went out to eat at one of the very few local restaurants and was joined by Lee and had lunch.  These are some of the people from last night’s gathering, so everybody knows everybody.  After lunch, Kelly, CJ, and I went about doing various errands including dumping trash, obtaining ice for coolers, shopping for groceries, getting some RV parts for Kelly’s trailer, filling propane tanks, and who knows what else.  We took my truck because it’s so handy having a bed to throw all that stuff in!

I dropped them off back at camp, and I headed back into town to get a shower at the local Pilot station with one of my shower credits.  I haven’t had a shower in several days, so it was glorious!  I’m clean!  I’m planning on building out my shower, but now that construction has slowed, it’ll probably be a few days before that gets done.  Work is starting to back up since I’ve been acting like I’m on vacation, so I’ve got to put some time into that.

At this point, I’m having such a good time here that I don’t want to leave when it’s over!  I’m really feeling comfortable, accepted, and happy here.

One thought on “Mission Accomplished!”

  1. I am so happy you are happy! Glad you have found a group of people you are comfortable with and a surroundings you find pleasant. You have arrived. Savor the feeling! Bring the feeling with you to re run in your mind whenever you wish. May sound a bit corny but that is what keeps us all motivated.

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