Truck got a new set of shoes

My truck got some new tires today.  Since I won’t be able to afford a newer truck for at least a year, this one has to keep me going, at least for now.  The rear passenger-side tire was loosing pressure at 5psi/day.  I pretty much had it fill it up every time I wanted to drive the truck.  Plus, with the AZ trip coming up, I really didn’t want to be dealing with tire problems.

I know that I had said I didn’t plan on getting new tires, but that’s when I was also not planning on an AZ trip and I was going to get a newer truck relatively soon.  But, things change, so plans must change with them.

I went around to four local tire shops (including Costco), and picked the place that would give me a brand-name tire for the (relatively) cheapest price.  I say relatively because Costco technically came in $11 cheaper, but I would have had to renew my membership to take advantage of that offer, at which point they were no longer the least expensive.

The truck rides better now.  More stable on the side roads and on the highway.  It might even be a bit quieter on the highway, but there’s so many other noises in the truck it’s hard to tell.  Either way, it’s a definite upgrade.

The total in wallet damage came out to $665.60.  Not terrible, but I could think of a lot of other things I’d rather spend the money on.  Oh well, at least I don’t have to worry about tires for the rest of this truck’s life.

I’m one step closer to the AZ trip.

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  1. yeah, I’d be pretty surprised if that truck outlasted the tires; but then I commented earlier (long treatise) on the lifestyle video in great length and of course lost that text (operator error) hmm. Liked their approach, tougher proposition with kids though (no mention there-of). P

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