Minneapolis RV Show

I went to the Minneapolis RV show yesterday.  I found a couple hours to squeeze it in.  I was specifically interested in truck campers.  I wanted to see as many different brands and varieties as possible as well as get an actual visual on how tie-down hooks are attached and see if there were any vendors selling accessories.

There was a total of five truck campers at the show.  Three by Arctic Fox, two by Lance.  Basically the same turnout as last year.  And I’m not interested in either of those brands, they’re both too heavy.  Sure, they look nice, but I want something that is lighter so I’m not using so much of my payload capacity on just the camper itself.

There were, of course, a ton of RVs there, but not as many people as I seemed to remember from last year.  It felt pretty quiet this time.  I went on a Friday, so I figured it would be busier with people skipping work, but it was also a rare nice day in MN (well into the 40’s!), so I’m imagining people were finding ways to do stuff outside instead of going to an indoor convention.

If you’re interested in travel trailers, class A’s, class C’s, pop-ups (both soft shell and A-frames), this is a great show for you.  And if you want to check out half-million dollar RVs that will never venture onto a dirt road, those are available too.

I’m sure I’ll check other other RV shows and find more truck campers elsewhere. Once I’m on the road, I’m sure I’ll visit RV dealers more as well as I happen to cross paths with them and check out additional models.  Or I might end up just buying a $1,500 unit somewhere in the pacific northwest and trying it on for size for a while.

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    1. Nothing imminent, but I’m sure I’ll be up that way at some point. Of course with me, that could mean tomorrow, or two years from now.

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