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I have a meeting with Becker/ATC (Aluminum Trailer Company, the parent of Becker) tomorrow at 9:30am.  There’s a few points that we’re going to change, and I’m writing them out here more for myself so I can come to the meeting prepared.

  1. Window coverings: side hinge or top hinge.
    They’re concerned that if I make the windows covering hinges at the top of the window instead of the side, it’s going to require a ladder in order to effectively open them given that the hinge would be 9.5′ from the ground.  I’m wondering if I wouldn’t need a ladder anyways even if they use side hinges.
    The deck is ~26.5″ from the ground, the bottom of the windows (once they’re moved up to accommodate the raised floor) will be an additional 56″ beyond that.  We’re up to 82.5″, or 6.875 feet.  If I stretch, I can reach the bottom of that window from the ground.  If the latch mechanism is vertically towards the center  of the window, that adds 15″, up to 97.5″ (or 8.125′), and I can’t reach that.  So the crux of the question is: If they put the hinge on the side, where is the latching mechanism going to be placed?
    I also like the idea of a top hinge so much I might have them put it there regardless of the need for a ladder.  It would act as a natural awning, blocking the high sun and rain.  If I’m stopping somewhere for a quick overnight, I don’t need to bother opening those window coverings because I have several other windows that won’t have these protectors right next to them.  If I’m staying somewhere long enough to enjoy the view, I can take a minute or two and open them up.
  2. Side door
    Apparently all RVs, utility trailers, etc., all have the right hinge just as I originally put it in my drawings.  That’s how they’re made, that’s how it works.  Doing anything custom here and I’d have to sign a waiver saying I don’t mind leaks and door integrity issues, etc., as they’d have to do something very custom here.  I’m ok with having the right hinge, it’s not that big of a deal.
  3. Egress window height
    For them to avoid having any lawsuits regarding code violations, the egress window must be within 36″ of the floor so it could be used by children.  Since I’m trying to avoid any legal issues and am not planning on having the window be generally even visible, I’m going to have it placed a about 10 inches above the wheel well.  That should fit under the murphy bed’s bend point on the wall and not get in the way.  Ten inches above the wheel well is 18″ from the floor, so that’s well within the 36″ they require.  With the raised floor in place, the top of the window will be approximately 30″ from the floor, and the murphy bed bend point will be at approximately 36″, so that works.  If I do ever need to actually use the egress window, at least it’s not very far down to the ground this way.
  4. Weight Distribution Options
    As I discussed in another post, I don’t think I’m going to go with their weight distribution option and instead will custom-rig one that I think is better onto the system.
  5. Position of the bathroom vent
    They don’t have the exact position of the vent labeled on the CAD drawings, so I’m going to need to get that.  The front-most edge of it has to be between approximately 80″ back from the front of the trailer (not including the v-nose).  According to the CAD drawing, it appears to be about 60″ back, so I’m going to ask them to move it back one more frame slot.

I think that’s everything.  I’m really going to push on the window coverings, which were supposed to be concession doors, because I paid a lot for them, and I want it to be right.

2 thoughts on “Requested Design Changes Talking Points”

  1. Can you get a long stick like a broom handle with a hook on the end to open and close the window covering latches? Can they be made to accommodate a hook like that? The stick could be stored just inside your door.

    1. I don’t know exactly what the latching mechanism will look like or how it will function yet. Even if I do need a ladder to actually use them, I’m OK with that.

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