RV en route to Wisconsin!

I just got an email from Brad, the trailer has been completed and is en route to the Becker facility in Wisconsin now!  Unfortunately, the weather is absolutely terrible with a wind chill advisory today and tomorrow and then a winter storm warning on Friday and Saturday.

I’ve asked for a pickup appointment for 11am on Tuesday, the 20th.  At that point, the weather should be much more “normal” for MN.

I can’t believe it’s actually ready and I’ll be able to pick it up soon!  It seems like it’s taken forever, but at the same time I can clearly remember working through the design phase, the screen sharing session with the engineer, and sending the wire transfer for the first half of the cost of the trailer.

My truck should be in good enough shape to tow it, but I guess I’ll find out on Tuesday just how well it can handle towing a giant trailer.  That’ll be an adventure!

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