Lastest Prints!

The latest round of prints (PDF version) are in, and they’re looking fantastic!  From yesterday’s update (wow, that was great how fast they got back to me!), the outstanding items were the window coverings and a possible frame upgrade.  Both items have been resolved to my liking.

They’ve created concession-type coverings for the windows with gas shocks that hinge at slightly less than 90°.  This is perfect for multiple reasons:

  1. With the gas shocks, all I have to do to open them is unlatch them, and the latch will be at the bottom of the covering, which is within reach without a ladder.
  2. When angled at a little less than 90°, any rain will fall away from the trailer instead of towards the trailer.
  3. When it’s time to close the coverings, I can use a stick, broom, or whatever to grab the edge of the covering and pull it down and then latch it by hand.  No ladder should be needed.

With my slight change in holding tank capacities (or perhaps just general counsel with other engineers at ATC), it has been determined that I don’t need any kind of frame upgrades.  I didn’t think I did either, so I’m happy everyone is in agreement.

Everything looks perfect right now, and I’m about ready to give the go-ahead.  I want to sit on it for a day or so to make sure I don’t think of anything that I haven’t thought of previously.

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