First set of prints are in!

The first CAD-based prints are in!  They’re amazing!  Here’s a link to the 3D view and the full 6-page PDF file.

After seeing it in 3D, I’m having them change a few things, but overall, not much. I’m going to change the side door to have it’s hinge on the left side instead of the right (so I don’t block my window when it’s open).  The 4 main windows are being raised by 8″ to accommodate the 8″ raised floor I’m adding.  They’ve modified the “concession door” concept covering the front windows to a “Cover” which hinges on the “side” (instead of the top), so I’m asking about more details on that.  I rather liked the idea of having those doors hinge on the top so I could have them double as awnings.  We’ll see how that goes.

Overall, I’m so excited to get the professional CAD drawings!  I’ve spent probably the last hour examining them, then walking around with a tape measure measuring things.  Figuring out window heights, a couple different ways, and coming up with the same answer every time?  Perfect.  Finally getting a trailer ball height so I know what size hitch to buy?  Awesome.  Realizing that my current truck (which I think must have some kind of lift already built in because it’s so tall) will still need a 4″ rise to accommodate this trailer is somewhat spectacular to think about.  This trailer is going to be huge!

I also know the exact clearance height (10′ 8.9375″), the deck height (26.4375″), the height of the aluminum step (15.4375″), the exact placement of the wheel wells and their internal height (8″).  The overall length came in at 26′ 9.375″.  I’m very pleased about that, it means I’ll be able to fit this thing into just about any RV-designed parking spot anywhere.

I also went and double-checked some of my assumptions.  One of my assumptions was that the height of this trailer would be well within standard RV heights.  Grabbing some random RV manufacturer’s page, I can see that the height, length, and width of my trailer and theirs is within a fraction of an inch.  It could be just a rounding on their part to make the numbers easier.  Of course, my trailer can haul more, has higher tank capacities, bigger windows, a far quieter bedroom, hugely improved electrical systems, and it isn’t framed in wood.

It’s so exciting to see the 3D versions!  I can’t wait to start building!

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