52 Gallon Holding Tanks!

The title pretty much says it all.  I just ordered (2) 52-gallon holding tanks, one for the grey water, one for black.  I’ve been shopping for these things on-and-off for probably a year now, and I finally ordered ’em!

Elkhart RV Parts sells a 52 Gallon RV Holding Tank that will fit in the “basement” of my RV.  The reason I’m so excited about this particular purchase is that they offer free local pickup!  Shipping these things was going to cost more than the product themselves, but since I’m going to be in Wisconsin anyways (these guys are in Elkhart Indiana), it’s no big deal to swing over and pick ’em up.

I called this morning and spoke with a real human at Elkhart RV Parts and within a few minutes I had my order placed with the custom code necessary to enable local pickup.  I am really pleased with how smoothly the order process worked on a custom order like this, I’d call that a customer service win.

Like most things that I’m having trouble deciding which item/brand/vendor to buy, I made a spreadsheet to analyze my options for holding tanks.  One of the columns is “$/gallon”, meaning what is the relative “value” of each holding tank.  Smaller tanks generally come in somewhere between $7-$10+ per gallon while larger tanks are generally under the $6/gallon mark.  These tanks, if I had to pay shipping, would have been $5.14/gallon.  Since I don’t have to pay shipping, they’re a fantastic deal at $2.40/gallon.  I am thoroughly pleased to be getting the right-sized holding tanks that I really wanted and I’m getting them at the best deal I could find anywhere.

I’m planning on departing for MN/WI on September 30th, and since I’ve spent the RV budget for the month, and I need to wait for these tanks before I can proceed on the build anyways, it’s going to be a pretty slow next couple of weeks.  Right now I don’t mind though, I’m just walking around with a smile on my face. 🙂

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