Sixth Round of Gear

Finally got out of the house today after the brutally cold temperatures and it was so nice to go do something besides sit at home!  Cabin fever was entering its final stage and was likely going to be terminal if the weather didn’t get better.  Fortunately, the weather got better.

First up are some lightweight, semi-lockable drawers.  I’ve seen a lot of units like these in various RV videos, and everyone has units that don’t have the little latching mechanism, and they always have some kind of bungee or rope or something to hold the drawers shut.  I’m hoping the little latching mechanism will be enough to keep the drawers shut without additional restraints.  We’ll see!

Since I’m not going to have any kind of cabinets, dressers, or anything like that, I thought these would be helpful in storing everything from clothes to kitchen equipment to food.

As mentioned in the previous trailer security post, I’m going to add some basic locking mechanisms to help prevent trailer theft.  I like this unit because it uses the same key to unlock all three pieces.  Less keys to fumble with and easier to use.  Plus, the whole kit was $30, which is a significant savings over buying the pieces individually.

This tarp will be on the ground (so I’m not standing in sand while showering), and I picked up a couple tent stakes to help keep it in place.  The tarp was $2 or $3 and the stakes were $0.47/each.

I stopped by my local insurance office and got insurance set up for the trailer.  $1,000 deductible and it’ll cost me $74 for six months.  For now, that works, I can handle the $12.33/month cost, and it’ll be nice to know that if the trailer is taken, at least I won’t loose everything I financially put into it.

I also stopped by the bank and got a cashiers check for the second half of the trailer.  I filled up the gas tank, got a temporary overnight parking permit for the truck & trailer, alerted my storage facility I’d be coming in on Wednesday morning, printed off the specifications sheet (so I can verify everything on the trailer was built to spec), and I’ve printed of my questions page so I can write in the answers.  I’ve set up the adjustable hitch and tightened it all together so it’s ready to go.  I think I’m ready to pick up the trailer tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Sixth Round of Gear”

  1. Mike
    You are always prepared!

    So exciting…you finally get to touch your new abode! (Maybe not with bare hands in MN in the winter but close!)

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