Let there be light!

I’ve made some real, visible progress!  Took down the ceiling panels, adding 2″ of additional insulation, cut out holes for the lights, ran the wiring, put the ceiling panels back up and wired up the lights.  Hooked it all up to a temporary battery and flicked the switch – first time, no issues, all the lights turned on!  It was a beautiful, gratifying moment. Continue reading Let there be light!

Lacking a sense of home

Last night the rangers came back and had a solution from management: Move my rig over to the next campsite across the street for the night and pay the standard full-hookups rate for an evening ($31).  I’m literally a couple dozen feet away from where I was, and at least for last night, abiding by their rules.  But for some reason, this whole situation made me very upset, and I’ve finally figured out why. Continue reading Lacking a sense of home