Agua Caliente Road

Friday I arrived at my latest spot, Agua Caliente Road.  Yesterday I decided to go on a walk, which turned into a hike, which then turned into a climb.  Went up one of the mini-mountains here in AZ.  No real reason to do so, other than it was there and I didn’t have much else going on.

Before going to this latest BLM site I was invited to a Happy Hour with some other Xscapers at one of their co-op RV parks.  These are working-age people that are generally still in the middle of their career while RV’ing.  It was nice to meet a few of them.  For those in the know, that’s Marc & Julie of RVLove to my right.

A panoramic shot of camp the day I arrived with a nice blue sky.

A perfect blue sky in fact!

I could probably make most of the country a bit envious with this shot.  It was about 72°, sunny, and a very light little breeze.

So that was Friday.  Saturday, I went walking/hiking/climbing:

Panoramic view from the top.

There’s a 4×4 gravel trail that leads up to the base of the mini-mountain, and it’s much easier to see the whole trail when you get some altitude.  The Great White Knight is down there, somewhere, but probably too small for me to even point out.

Another shot from the top.  Pretty cloudy, but that’s good for me with my general aversion to sunlight.

I think this was somewhere near the top.  According to Siri, I had a 725 elevation change from the lowest point to the highest point.  That’s not nothin’!

One of the spots where it changes from hiking into climbing.  When I started looking for footholds, that’s where I figured it started getting interesting.

Today I’ll probably go on a walk somewhere for a while.  I’m letting my right ankle rest a bit, walking on the jagged rocks around here can be a bit tiring.  Speaking of tiring though, that hike really wore me out!  I slept for over 10 hours last night!  BLM land is pretty awesome for being able to sleep in.

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  1. that smart phone takes pretty smart photos. nothing to do with the operator I’m sure. Like the blue .

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