Healthcare Premiums in 2017

I just received an informational packet from my healthcare provider, HealthPartners.  If I do not change anything about my plan, the premium will increase from $192.15 to $296.01 / month.  That’s a a 54% increase!  Just to really sweeten the deal, there is no national coverage, at all.  So unless I stay in the metro area, I’ll be paying the ‘out-of-network’ expenses on anything I need to have done.  Not like I wouldn’t be paying for all of it anyways, this is a plan with a $6,000-or-so deductible, which essentially means it doesn’t pay for anything unless you’re ridiculously sick. Continue reading Healthcare Premiums in 2017

Travel Trailer Layout Medium v5

The image above (larger version) is the latest iteration of the floor plan for my RV.  This is major version 5, as the blog post title implies, but that means that I’ve changed the size of the trailer or moved things around significantly enough that I’ve gone through a good number of major revisions and who-knows-how-many small revisions. Continue reading Travel Trailer Layout Medium v5