Good Weather & Good Times

I’ve been in MN the last couple days and have been having a great time.  The weather has been a welcome relief from the Texas heat and I had a great night out with Jessie last night.  It’s pretty awesome being able to travel relatively inexpensively and go see and do the things I want to do.

Last night Jessie and I went out for Indian food, and it was really good.  We made ourselves our own little mini-buffet by ordering a variety of dishes.  My fridge is stocked full of leftovers.

After dinner we went out for a walk in Rosedale for a diversion.  While there, we passed by Ragstock and Jessie noticed one of the items in the window, a wedding dress.  Apparently she collects these and they’re very inexpensive once they’ve been used once.

So we went in, found a rack of wedding dresses, but none of them were as nice as the one in the window.  So we took the dress off the manikin, purchased it (for all of $25), and she put it on right on top of her regular clothes.  Sizing was just perfect, no alterations needed!

The weather since hitting MN has been cool and some days rainy.  My solar panels have been struggling to keep up, but sun is expected today, so hopefully they’ll catch up.  If not, I may need to actually go check into a RV park for a night just to charge up my batteries.

Yesterday I went on a walk in one of MN’s many urban parks, hence the cover photo above.  Today I think I’ll head down to the Mall of America and tour around a bit.  Workload has been about average, and I’m keeping up with customer requests without too much trouble, so things are balancing out nicely.

Oh, another thing: I built a bike rack mount for the camper and have my bike with me.  I figure I might get to use it while in Breck and it’s a good test run for the Quartzsite trip this winter.  It’s held up just fine on the entire trip up from Texas, so I’ll call that a success.  The truck hasn’t had any issues and the camper hasn’t leaked or had any problems either.  It’s been an amazingly smooth trip thus far.

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  1. I just started reading your posts. I’m fascinated by your free wheeling lifestyle these days. I loved seeing the photo of you and Jessie! I applaud your adventuresome nature. A good friend of mine has been living the RV lifestyle now for about 10 years. She loves it. She bought a Vespa to get around. She has upgraded her RVs twice since buying her first one. She’s now up to one of those larger behemoths. Suits her just fine. The photos are great, especially your recent adventure!

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