Granite Gap

With the help of the ‘net, I found another great BLM campsite.  I love these things.  Free place to stay, nobody around, quiet.  It’s perfect for me.  Plus I have even better cell signal here than I did at the last place!

Granite Cap is where I’m at right now.  I arrived on Jan 1st, and I think I’ll be leaving tomorrow, the 4th.  During my time here, I’ve had two vehicles drive by (an average of less than 1 per day).  I think that’s pretty awesome.

So I did have one slight issue getting here.  Just as I was pulling into the campsite, I must have rocked the truck in just the right (wrong) way to cause some dishes to take a leap out of the cupboards and they failed to land gracefully.  I heard a crash and figured the TV had fallen off of its wall-mount, but nope, it was some dishes.  I had three plates, one saucer, and one cereal bowl, and I’m now left with a single plate.  I’ll replace the cereal bowl tomorrow when I head into civilization, but I don’t think I really need the rest.  I have paper backups I’ve been using in the mean-time.

I went on a hike yesterday, as I try to do every day when the weather isn’t too cold.  I captured this image when I got up to some higher ground.  Can you see the Great White Knight?  It’s there!

On a side note, the solar panels aren’t keeping up with my electrical needs.  The sun just doesn’t get nearly as high in the sky now as it did in the summer, and my electrical needs keep getting larger as I add more amenities and choose to use them more often.  As a result, I am running the generator from time to time, and I’m very happy to have it.  It’s quiet enough to not be a nuisance at all, and I often can’t even hear it if anything in the RV is running, such as the fridge, furnace, or even the fan on the battery charger.

3 thoughts on “Granite Gap”

  1. the scrabble of rocks by the W.K. (last pic), did you make that for a fire or was it there. Full moon these days, must be quite a view at (K)night.

    1. The fire pit was already there. The presence of a fire pit is an indication of a formally-sanctioned place where you can camp.

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