Holding Tank Layout v2

With the recent news that the wheel wells would be 12″ instead of 10″, I’ve reconsidered the height of my raised floor.  12″ was just a little more than I wanted, and something a bit less than 10″ would work pretty well too.

At the moment, I’ve settled on a 7″ raised floor.  The image above (larger version) has been updated and I’ve moved things around since the last time I laid it all out.  I’ve done a whole bunch of shopping around online and I’ve found what I think is the most competitive price for holding tanks.  I’m staying at about my 100-gallons-per-tank goal, and I’ve managed to reduce the cost by around $700.  That cost of course depends on shipping, which is pretty awful for these things, so I’ll wait to hear what that ends up being. Continue reading Holding Tank Layout v2