Deposit Paid!

Woo hoo!  I’ve signed the purchase agreement and paid the deposit for my new trailer!

The total for the trailer came out to $19,474 + 5.5% tax = $20,545.07.  I’ve just wire-transferred one half of the pre-tax amount ($9,737) to Becker Custom Trailers.

There were a couple of last-minute additions to the trailer, but I still managed to keep it under $20k, so I’m very pleased with that.  I added an egress window in the bedroom area, a screen door to go along with the RV-style side door, a window in the side door, and a pull-out aluminum step for the side door.

The egress window in the bedroom is to appease my parents, and potentially avoid any legal hassles in the future.  I’m planning on engineering a custom cover that will pivot and cover the window with multiple layers of soundproofing so I don’t let in light and sound through my otherwise intact master chamber.

In about a week or so I’ll get the first round of CAD drawings from Becker and then we’ll go about making any needed tweaks before manufacturing begins.  It looks like I’m being scheduled for a December “slot”, so the very rough timeframe estimate that I’m thinking the trailer will be completed is very late December or sometime in early January.

Once I start getting some of those CAD drawings, I’ll be sure to post them here.

I’d like to give a quick shout-out to Brad @ Becker Custom Trailers.  He’s done a great job over the past week of answering my questions, being timely in replies, and being very professional in all interactions.  Thank you Brad!

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