Roof Layout

The roof layout (larger image) is actually pretty simple.  Since I’m not using a roof A/C unit, nor is there a TV antenna, it’s not too bad.

The most obvious feature is the 5 giant solar panels.  My current favorites are the SolarWorld 340 watt panels from altE.  (In a previous blot posting I think I mentioned they were 345 watt.  My bad.)  These are Monocrystalline panels (higher efficiency), and they’re quite cost effective.  They’re also about the largest panels I can physically place on the roof and still have room for vents and other accessories.  A theoretical 1,700 watts of solar is pretty impressive for an RV of this (or any) size.

The other items on the roof will be 3 vents, two in the utility area and one in the bathroom area.  There’s also a 360 siphon vent cap for the black and grey tanks, which seems to be the favorite vent that other RVers upgrade to, so I figured I’d just start with a good vent cap and skip the upgrade process.  The little black line in about the middle of the RV is the antenna for the cell phone booster.

I’ll need to make some kind of additional holes for the RV wires, unless I just pass them through one of the vents in the utility area.  Since those vents are scheduled to be open all the time, that might work.

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