The Great White Knight

I now have, in the driveway, an enormous white truck.  This vehicle is not just a truck, it’s a leviathan.  Just to remind everyone of a few definitions of leviathan, “a thing that is very large or powerful, especially a ship” (source) or, more simply, “something large or formidable” (source).  At 8 feet wide and nearly 22 feet (262″) long, it fills up a parking space and then some.  It’s surprising that I can legally drive it with the same license used to drive what I would consider “regular” vehicles. Continue reading The Great White Knight

Muffler Upgrade

The truck’s muffler seems to have been getting louder lately, or perhaps I’m just more attuned to it since getting quieter tires.  Either way, I wanted to see what it would cost to have it repaired since I’ll be spending so much time in the truck.  I figured if it was over $500, I would skip it, but if it was under $500, then I’d consider it.  I had a little extra time today, so I looked for a local shop and picked one near me with a name I couldn’t resist: “The Wonderful Muffler Man“. Continue reading Muffler Upgrade

Truck got a new set of shoes

My truck got some new tires today.  Since I won’t be able to afford a newer truck for at least a year, this one has to keep me going, at least for now.  The rear passenger-side tire was loosing pressure at 5psi/day.  I pretty much had it fill it up every time I wanted to drive the truck.  Plus, with the AZ trip coming up, I really didn’t want to be dealing with tire problems. Continue reading Truck got a new set of shoes

Rollin’ Ratchet Straps

I’ve been moving some furniture lately, and so I got to open up my new 4-pack of ratchet straps.  Unfortunately, after a ratchet strap is used, it rarely gets put away nicely, and even if you do roll it up, there’s nothing to keep it rolled up unless you go buy something else to hold it, and I didn’t really want to buy something just to keep the straps tidy.  So, they ended up in a mess like these things always do. Continue reading Rollin’ Ratchet Straps

Saturn in the driveway!

I’ve noticed my truck pulls to the left, pretty consistently, so I figured I should get it checked out.  I know the truck has been in an accident before, but I don’t know if any of the damage would be related to this issue of being misaligned.  The pull to the left is relatively minor, and people other than me probably wouldn’t bother having it looked at, but I to keep things in good working order when I reasonably can. Continue reading Saturn in the driveway!