It’s not long for this world

I was a bit concerned about the issues my truck has been having the last thousand miles or so, and I figured I should at least have it looked at sooner rather than later.  I took it into a local shop and they got it up on the lift.  The prognosis was, “It’s (the U-joint) not long for this world.”

I’m really quite happy the issues were just the U-joint.  The rear differential seems to still be fine.  $206 and about 90 minutes later, the truck has a new U-joint installed.  I briefly took it out on the highway at around 70mph, and the symptoms have disappeared.  I also don’t hear it grinding and whining when moving at low speeds.

I went to a new shop today to try out a new mechanic.  They were able to get me in this morning, which was handy.  They got it up on the lift and actually let me come and see it, which most places won’t do anymore.  While I was inspecting it, I touched a piece of metal that didn’t look so good, and it fell off.  Yeah, that probably needs to be replaced.  I was concerned that the truck wouldn’t make it to my next planned stop (Breckenridge, MN) where my cheap mechanic does work for me.  After seeing the deteriorating u-bolt, I agreed with them that it wasn’t long for this world.

The truck still needs an oil change, and the warping of the front rotors is slowing getting worse, so I might have those replaced while I’m in Breck.  Like all things, it’ll depend on cost.

One thought on “It’s not long for this world”

  1. Nice to have a mechanic who is skilled and not outrageously expensive. That works as you will drive many miles to see him.

    We went to the habitat for humanity re use store today and it didn’t have anything we can use. Will have to find house pretty up materials elsewhere.

    Retail. or online.

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