Muffler Upgrade

The truck’s muffler seems to have been getting louder lately, or perhaps I’m just more attuned to it since getting quieter tires.  Either way, I wanted to see what it would cost to have it repaired since I’ll be spending so much time in the truck.  I figured if it was over $500, I would skip it, but if it was under $500, then I’d consider it.  I had a little extra time today, so I looked for a local shop and picked one near me with a name I couldn’t resist: “The Wonderful Muffler Man“.

… Sometime on Monday …

When I got to the shop, there was a sign in the window that they did free estimates, so that sounded like a good price to me.  An older gentleman with the name tag of “Ozzy” with long white hair and a handlebar white mustache steps out to greet me.  He grabs a length of tube, a large piece of cardboard and instructs me to start up the vehicle.  I start up the truck, he hops underneath, taps something once or twice, and tells me I can shut it off.  Yes, apparently it takes only a few seconds to diagnose what I have going on.

Ozzy goes back in the shop, types into his computer for a minute and gives me a quote.  $163 for a new muffler, including installation and taxes.

Woohoo!  This sounds great to me.  I set up an appointment for Wednesday at 2pm.

… It’s now Wednesday at 2:21pm …

I’m in the waiting room of The Wonderful Muffler Man’s shop, and listening to the noises coming out of the shop.  If cars had dentists, I’d say my truck is getting a root canal!  Oh the noises that come out of there, the metal grinding on metal with high-speed rotary tools… sounds painful.  But Ozzy’s in a good mood, I can occasionally hear him whistling while he’s working, which brings a smile to my face.  Nice to know he enjoys his work.

… After the procedure …

The truck sounds like a new car!  It’s amazing the difference it made.  It no longer sounds like it’s going to fall apart when you press on the gas.  It sounds more “solid”.  I can’t wait to get the trailer hooked up and try it out on the highway to see if improves those noises at all.

I’m really happy I spent that $163.  I’m considering spending the money to get the upper ball joints fixed and the stabilizer bar links fixed as well.  If I do that, this could start to feel like a somewhat reliable vehicle… what an idea!

One thought on “Muffler Upgrade”

  1. Wonderful to find a Muffler Man! Truck just needs a little loving and it may be headed toward the entire care package you usually give your vehicles.
    Does Muffler Man have friends? Stabilizer Man? Ball Joints Man?

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