Rollin’ Ratchet Straps

I’ve been moving some furniture lately, and so I got to open up my new 4-pack of ratchet straps.  Unfortunately, after a ratchet strap is used, it rarely gets put away nicely, and even if you do roll it up, there’s nothing to keep it rolled up unless you go buy something else to hold it, and I didn’t really want to buy something just to keep the straps tidy.  So, they ended up in a mess like these things always do.

But since I had some time on my hands, I utilized the power of YouTube to solve the issue.  Socks!  Yep, this guy demonstrated how using some old socks was a great way to keep ratchet straps rolled up and easily accessible.  I loved it.

I grabbed some old socks out of my closet, went out and rolled up the ratchet straps.  It was fun!  Yes, I actually enjoyed rolling up ratchet straps.  Joy can come in very strange places.  Maybe I’m just happy that it’s organized and easy to use now.

Hey look, I’ve got some gloves and 7-pin trailer accessories in that storage area that I couldn’t even see because of the prior ratchet-strap mess!


One thought on “Rollin’ Ratchet Straps”

  1. Baggies work well for that sort of thing also…they come in all sizes and you don’t have to close them; but socks feel nice and look tidy, and then you can use them for washing something off too.

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