Storage Drop-off and More Photos

I’ve dropped off the trailer at it’s very temporary storage facility.  That went smoothly, as expected.  The featured image above shows where it’s going to live for the next week.  In front of the ice cream truck and other various RVs and trailers.  Since I’ll be picking it sometime next week, we just parked it in front of everything else.

This morning I also took a few more photos.  This is one of the features I really like, it’s a secure latch mechanism for the rear doors.  The trailer also has one for the side door as well.  Easy to use, very secure, and easy to unlatch when needed.

A shot of the inside of the trailer, from the rear.  The spare tire is strapped down with some easily removable mounting points, obviously put there just so it wouldn’t wander about.  The front windows are closed, so that’s why they appear black.

This time from the front nose of the trailer looking towards the rear.

Nice shot of the side door from the inside.  The lock/latch mechanism actually has both a handle lock and a deadbolt lock.  The large black piece in the middle of the door slides to cover the gap so when it’s being used as a screen door the gap is covered.  And I just now noticed it appears to have something of a kick plate on the screen door at the bottom, that black strip.  All kinds of new things I keep finding on the trailer.

The ceiling is really nice.  Very clean and professionally done.  I don’t have to do anything to the ceiling.  It’s too bad I didn’t have the budget to have them apply the same treatment to the walls.

This aluminum step is cool.  It has two gas shocks that will push/pull it into place (either open or closed) and it’s easy to adjust into either position.  The step is very stable as well, feels like it’ll last a very long time.

I suppose “the trailer” could use a name.  One hasn’t quite come to me yet, so I’ll welcome suggestions.  Of course, I may not pick your suggestion, so please don’t feel bad!

3 thoughts on “Storage Drop-off and More Photos”

  1. How exciting!!!

    I like the idea of using the name of a starship or shuttle craft. “Enterprise” doesn’t seem quite right, but I’ll bet if you scroll through a list a starship names, something good will pop out at you.

    Maybe someday you can replace your propane stove with a replicator. 🙂

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