This looks like fun!

Something I found I really enjoy is driving a highway capable vehicle off-road.  Recently I went to the renaissance festival, which was just like it always is, but before we left, we went tromping around in some of the less-used areas of the fields, and it was so much fun!  Driving through grasses that were as high as the front of the truck, rolling up and down small hills with huge invisible bumps (which throws you around a bit), and driving through mud pits, hoping to not get stuck.  It was a blast!

I saw a video on youtube recently of some people that were doing some off-roading in Moab Utah, and although the cliffs they’re next to make me flinch (the idea of accidentally loosing control and falling off the cliff is terrifying), but the rest of it looks like a ton of fun, and the views are spectacular!  This is one of the activities I can’t wait to take part in once I’m out in my RV.

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