Choosing Another Path

If you’re got a free half hour, the video below is worthwhile, in my opinion.  The couple in the video discuss how they found that working for years upon years to afford a house wasn’t worth it, and the fulfillment they feel from living a simpler life and doing more of what they want instead of wasting their time on “things”.

I feel myself agreeing with many of their points and their stories.  From being in a car accident that changes perspectives (ok, I was in a biking accident, but still, it pushed me even more strongly onto my current path), to their stresses at work, and the idea of living with less and as a result, living more, is very appealing to me. They talk a little bit about having some of the comforts of home, and how not having a large living space forces them out into the world and to go and see and do things they otherwise wouldn’t.  They spend more time on their hobbies, doing things they’d like to do, and having more time in general.

My desire is to break free of the chain of a desk, and go explore.  I want to go see a bunch of national parks.  I want to go on hikes to random places.  I want to make day trips into Mexico for lunch.  I want to go to Alaska.  I want to boondock on the roads to get to Alaska.  I do not want to sit at a desk all day.

One thought on “Choosing Another Path”

  1. watched the video, liked the approach; esp the idea of half time in the keys on a boat and half time in Canada. That seems less nomadic yet satisfies year-round. The minimalist approach, esp. few clothes as well as the sense of increased freedom from ditching big items is spot on. Now only if I could practice what I preach. Its nice to have a tiny open air sports car, which in my world sort of qualifies. P

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