Palm Canyon

These Xscapers know how to have a good time!  Yesterday we went on a short hike in Palm Canyon, had a pot luck for supper, had a live band in the evening, and even had a little night-time photography tricks.

On the way out to Palm Canyon in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, there was a quick stop at a human hamster wheel.  Or, at least that’s what it seemed like to me.

The canyon was an ancient volcano that apparently blew up, if I’m understanding the plaque correctly.  It’s named the Palm Canyon because it’s the only place in Arizona where palm trees grow natively.  They’ve got a sheltered little spot that apparently keeps them from experiencing some of the worst sun in the summer so they don’t sizzle.

A panoramic view of the canyon.  It’s more like small mountains that have a valley between them than what I always thought of a traditional canyon being.  We’re going to hike up the middle of it until we get to the point where the palms are visible.

My iPhone doesn’t have a zoom lens, but they’re there!  There’s a half dozen or so palm trees nestled into the side of the mountain.

A portion of the group once we got to our picnic spot.  It was a pretty brief hike, just enough to get warmed up a bit.

It’s not all fun and games though on this trip, I had a really busy work day yesterday.  I was working in the morning before we left, and all afternoon, right up to the pot luck in the evening.  I was quite happy to complete everything on my plate so I didn’t have anything hanging over my head for the evening’s activities.

The Status Crowes put on a show for us after the pot luck.  They played various covers, and it was nice to watch a live performance.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done so, and I’m realizing how much I like that kind of performance.  Somehow or another I need to get some more theatre back into my routine.

In the dark of the night we also had some experience photographers with nice cameras doing long-exposure night shots with various action going on.  My iPhone doesn’t really do it justice, but it was fun to see the kinds of results the professional cameras were getting.  The talent on “stage” there is Becky from Interstellar Orchard.

This morning I’ve been giving some thought to being able to tilt the solar panels (up to about 45°) on my trailer as needed, which can really help in the winter months.  Since the panels I’m planning on getting are 6.5′ long and weigh 50 pounds each, I don’t really want to be hauling a ladder out and trying to manipulate them manually, so I figured a linear actuator would be helpful.  I did the math on it, and it seems like it should work.  I’ll work on the fine details of the mounting system once I actually get to that point in the build.

Today looks like a quieter day, but that’s just fine.  Tomorrow is the singles event, so that should be fun!

2 thoughts on “Palm Canyon”

  1. that guitarist for the status crows must have hella chops. Id like to hear him. Quite the set list. I like cover bands. Linear actuators create motion in a straight line, hmm, now what on my trailer build could benefit from that? (rear hatch)! Not gonna do it though, gonna go getto on that lift and prop; repeat.

  2. Wow.
    There is real life out there in a not-a-building.

    Glad you are there and enjoying it.

    I am back at work after missing 2 days due to iced roads.

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