American Girl Mine

Yesterday a good portion of the Xscapers group, myself included, moved to American Girl Mine.  Less crowded, better cell signal, and so far it’s another nice spot.

Today (and last night) has been very windy.  A lot of outdoor activities are somewhat on hold for right now given the high winds, and as such, I’m in my rig, listening to music and just thinking about life a bit.  A thought occurred: it feels like I’ve won the secret game of life.  Somehow I’ve found a loop-hole that lets me wander about, meet cool people, have adventures, and not spend my life sitting at a computer 40+ hours a week.  I basically took the entire day off yesterday running errands and moving down to this new site.  In the afternoon Mark, Tami, and I (some new friends) went into town to get groceries and do laundry.  Today I walked with a small group on their morning dog walk and we went up to the local mine this place is named after.  It’s an amazingly relaxing and liberating lifestyle to have friends outside of your camper door that are basically always up and ready to do various kinds of group activities.

I’ve officially hit my 10,000 steps as of 1:30pm local time, so that gives me license to not have to do much else for the rest of the day.  There won’t be much of anything going on though, everyone is either hunkered down in the rigs getting or have headed out to town to run errands.  I think I’ve got some Netflix queued up.

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  1. As I am counting down to ending years in a fluorescent box I applaud you for finding and implementing something so much better.

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