Xscapers & Desert Bar

Being an RV’er really has its perks some days.  Yesterday I got to take an off-road trip in a Jeep to a Desert Bar near Parker, AZ.  The trip was amazing.  It’s unbelievable what these basically stock Jeeps can do if you’ve never ridden in them before.

I’ve started hanging out with the Xscapers group, and they’re fun.  There’s one couple in the group that really likes to ride in their hot air ballon, so Saturday & Sunday the first things I heard and saw in the morning was a hot air balloon taking off, right from within camp.

Sunday all the Jeeps and other off-road vehicles lined up for the journey out to the Desert Bar in Parker.  We had a total of 10 vehicles, and around 20 or 25 people.

When we got to the off-road trail, right away there was the most challenging climb of the entire route.  I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of it as I was staring in disbelief that we’d actually make it up this thing without tipping over backwards, never-mind even getting traction.  To my great surprise, each vehicle bounced its way up the steep and rocky hill with little to no real difficulty.  A little slippage here and there, but up they went!


The scenery was picturesque as we bounced and bobbled our way through miles of trail.  I may have a four wheel drive vehicle, but there’s no way the Great White Knight with it’s long wheelbase (which is good for towing) could possibly have made this journey.  These little jeeps (and a couple of modified pickups) surprised me for hours on end at the feats they were able to perform.

I was in a little red jeep, and it was great fun.

We eventually got to the desert bar and had lunch.  I believe it’s great call to fame is that it’s off-grid, so they have tons of solar panels and huge battery banks to run the place.  It’s a touristy destination.

After getting back to camp, I got to watch most of the Russo’s presentation on van living and the choices they’ve made that work for them.

Tami (one of the new Xscaper’s I’ve met) has a propane-fired pizza oven, and she felt like hosting a gathering, so we had home-made fresh pizzas for dinner.  Various small circles of social gatherings and checking out other rigs rounded out the evening.  It was a great day to be an RV’er.

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  1. Sounds like a fun time. I’m taking a road trip too; going to that den of iniquity in our great south, the casino! gg

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