Fixing Things

I like fixing things, particularly in the “real” world.  To have something look and function better after working on it is so satisfying, even if it’s small little things that are actually being changed.  The White Knight needed to have a few things fixed up before I was fully legal to drive, so I took care of those things today.

The image above is the “before” picture.  There’s four things going on that needed fixing:

  1. Port side license plate light needed help.  The bracket was missing, the bulb was broken with the base of it still in the base.
  2. The license plate brackets didn’t have any screws.  And I was missing one of those brackets.
  3. The starboard license plate bulb was burnt out.
  4. The hitch pin was locked, and no key was to be found.

All of these items have been fixed.  To get the hitch pin off, I used this technique where a pipe is used as leverage.  The pipe I purchased ended up being just slightly too small of a diameter (whoops), but wedging it between the lock and the receiver hitch worked just about as well.  It took me a few more seconds, but not by many as compared to the youtube video.

The picture above (and the featured image) is the “after” picture.  Photoshop is great at blurring things out when necessary.  All of the immediate issues in this area of the truck are now fixed.

Oh, and does the the White Knight fit in a parking spot?  Not even close.  I have the nose pulled up about as far as I can without sticking out, and the back of the truck is obviously well into the next spot behind it.

2 thoughts on “Fixing Things”

  1. I got a ‘wix’ oil filter here in town (Albertsons) for the ‘Silver Shadow’ . Paid 10 bucks for it…ouch! Saw on line I could get it at Rock auto for 2.65 but then 3.99 shipping = 6.64. Hmm. So I feel sheepish about returning it and will just keep it, but will shop for it elsewhere next time. Am finding some good info online on the sound-deadening stuff. More research needed although I think I can get the stuff at Home Depot. Glad to see you got the rear end stuff done, esp. the pin removal. P

  2. I wonder in the land of the pick up truck (Texas) if the parking lots are striped with bigger spaces? Something to make note of when we get there again.

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