Wrong Window

I just got a call from Brad at Becker Trailers, and there’s been a little “whoopsie” with the trailer.  They ordered an egress window for me, but what they actually received was a regular window (of the same size).  Brad called to discuss my options:

My options offered were:

  • Wait for trailer delivery until mid-January so they can get the right part and install it
  • Take delivery as scheduled with the non-egress window and have them ship the window directly to me when it becomes available and I can install it

I offered Brad a third option: I’ll take the trailer with the non-egress window for now and then in late January or early February (after my trip), I’ll stop by their factory and have them install the egress window.  Brad seemed perfectly OK with that option and is proceeding down that path.

I don’t mind not having the egress window right away for this trip.  Since the trailer doesn’t have any walls installed, getting out is really easy, should I need to do so.

I also would much prefer to have ATC install the egress window when it comes in because it’s an exterior element.  It’ll be exposed to the elements, including rain, and I don’t want to have my first trailer window install to go wrong, so I’ll let them do it.

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