Lake Isabella

So I’m not setting up my blog postings in the same order as how they happened in the real world.  Oh well!  We recently went to a place called Sandy Hill (campground) near Lake Isabella, CA.  Lots of rock scrambling opportunities along a pretty little river, and plenty of hiking nearby as well.

We’re literally a few feet away from a nice river/stream.  A couple miles (maybe 2 or 3?) away from a small town with all the basics, and a great little post office!

One of many shots of the river we took.

Becky is thoroughly amazed at the gargantuan size of the pine cones.  This also shows a bit of the topography of the rocks we were playing on.

A better view of just how large those pine cones were!  Kelly with her dogs, Gizmo and Trixie.  The pine cone is literally bigger than Gizmo.

So we can be silly/cute at times.  It happens.

Some days it’s such a hard life!

One of Becky’s friends (Eric?) joined us for a day or so.  He’s a real rock climber and taught me a thing or two while we were out.  My arms hurt for a couple hours after that!

There’s all kinds of nooks and crannies to explore.

And I’m going to find them!

One day Kelly took us on a tour around the lake and up a side of one of the mountains.  She loves snow, so we were on a quest.  Above, I love taking shots other people taking pictures, in this case it’s Marshall.  The lone figure on a dramatic background is neat too.

Joni’s very photogenic!

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