Great RV Day!

So today was one of those fun days to be an RV’er!  Adventures, activities, a little too much travel, and landed at another RV gathering.

I’m going to start with yesterday, because I’m the writer, and that’s my prerogative.  I left the remaining group that were located near Lone Pine, CA and headed out towards Moab, the next Xscapers gathering.  While en route, Kelly texts me and wants to see if I’d be interested in going skiing tomorrow, since she’s at a good place for it, and she loves snowboarding.  We’re both going to Moab, and she left a day early, so she’s basically the one scouting this time.  I say, “Sure!”, and head up to her location.

Along the way, the elevation changes and what was a passing rain storm becomes a bit of a blizzard.  Yep, I’m glad to have my Minnesota heritage sometimes!

We found an out-of-the-way gravel area and spend a relatively quiet evening there.  We both highly prefer boondocking over anything else, so this works out well.

A fresh coat of snow on everything was very pretty.

The next morning, we hop in our respective rigs and start up the mountain to the ski slopes.  Kelly’s rather concerned about her rig’s ability to get up the hill (ok, a mountain), and she decides she needs to put snow chains on because she’s starting to slip a bit.  Me, I don’t notice any sliding at all, sometimes a heavy duty dually really has its advantages.

Kelly spends a good while trying to get the chains on, it’s not exactly an easy process.  I think it’s all great fun because I just get to take photos and wave traffic by!  She eventually gets them on, and we continued up the mountain.

Turning around Kelly’s rig was exciting!

Another mile or two up, and she pulls over again.  Apparently she’s slipping (with her snow chains), and isn’t making sufficient forward progress.  We decide the best course of action is to park her rig at the bottom of the hill and combine all of us (her and her dogs) into my rig since it’s not having any trouble.  The Great White Knight does not disappoint, and we make it all the way up without even using the 4-wheel drive!

The little ski resort we went to is beautiful!  Or, maybe it was just the perfect day to go skiing, I’m not sure.  Blue skies, almost no wind at all, lots of sun and a temperature in the mid 20’s or so.  Gorgeous.

I got skis (as I normally do) and Kelly got a snowboard.  I apparently have a lot more experience at this than she does, so we started on this place’s equivalent of the bunny hill to let Kelly get some practice in.  I’ll admit, she’s much better at snowboarding than I am, but that’s not very hard to do.  We go up and down a couple times, but pretty quickly her back starts acting up, which is due to an old injury flaring up.  Unfortunately, she has to call it a day and quit before it gets worse.

I spent the next couple hours touring the other runs at the ski resort, and there were a couple of intermediate runs that were quite enjoyable.  I was thoroughly amazed at how it wasn’t the least bit crowded!  In the entire place, there were probably two dozen guests and maybe a dozen staff.  The place looked like it could handle hundreds easily.  Apparently Mondays and Fridays are their slow days, so we hit it just perfectly!

After I decided I’d had a sufficient workout and returned the rental gear, I drove us all back down to Kelly’s rig.  We both basically took off for Moab, but I did stop for groceries along the way.  That gave Kelly a bit of a lead on me.

I got a text from her while we were driving, “Got ant [sic] extra gas with you?”  Apparently there was a large void of anything retail along our route, and she was getting low.  Low enough that she’s asking if I have any!  Very pretty drive from Beaver, UT to Moab, UT, would love to do it sometime when I can take about a month go get from one place to another, but that’s another story.

Kelly eventually stopped and put the gas that was in her jerry can (which is normally used for the gennie) into her truck and that was enough to get to her a gas station.  Crisis averted!  Even if she had run out, it would have just been another adventure, something to laugh about both during and after!

We both made it into Moab, and we’re staying on a runway at the “Old Airport.”  I literally pulled in just a few minutes ago, long enough to light my water heater and write this blog (editing will be done later), and now it’s time to take a shower!  I can’t exactly remember the last time I took a shower, I think it’s been about a week?

Oh, and now I’m really behind on work.  I’ll be squeezing work into every crevice of time I can manage for the next week or so!

2 thoughts on “Great RV Day!”

  1. last picture strangely out of wack (compositionally) not a criticism, sort of amusing. CONTRAILS! (think you’re just yanking my chain on this one, SO ovbious).

    1. Love that you got to rescue Kelly AND get some skiing in. Different kind of exercise from rock scrambling for a change.

      Have a great time in Moab!

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