Adventures in San Felipe

This group doesn’t do boring.  Or, maybe my saying “yes” to as much as I possibly can is actually effective with these guys.  Week number three, and the adventures just don’t quit!

 (gotta love google translate!)


The first couple days we were there, the wind was pretty unpleasant.  Clear skies and nice temperatures, but still too windy to be really comfortable.  One day I decided I was sick of sitting at camp, so I took the beach towards town.  On my way, I met up with Julie.  She was picking up trash on the beach, so I joined her for the next couple hours and we picked up more bags worth of trash than I can remember.  Near town they get more tourists and the trash level got a whole lot higher.  It *seems* like Mexicans don’t really understand the concept of “don’t litter the beaches” all that well.  After a couple hours of that, my previous guilt of feeling like a jerk for having the police escort through Mexicali completely disappeared.

Then there’s 4×4’ing.  Easy and cheap to rent @$20/hour, including fuel, and only a couple blocks from camp.  Mark, Tami, and I went off into the desert for a couple hours.  Tami was all excited to be riding on the Baja 1000 trail, and so she got a photo of that spot.

These guys loved running around on these 4×4’s.  Honestly, I prefer riding in a vehicle as opposed to on one, and a couple days later I got a chance to do some off-roading in Marks’s truck too.  That was fun. 🙂

I’m pretty sure the next day (sometime mid-week now) the wind had died down and the weather was beautiful, so the water sports started showing up.  Mark has a one-person kayak and I thought that was fun.  Very manueverable, and the ocean was being nice and calm that day.

There were also various paddleboards available, and that’s something I’ve never done before, so, yep, I tried it.  I was just happy I never fell off the thing!  It was pretty forgiving though, which surprised me.  It seems like a lot more work than kayaking.

It was Tami’s first time on a paddleboard as well, and she took her dog, Bell!  That’s impressive!

A group of us went to see some giant cactus one day, ’cause, you know, it was there.

We found one particular taco place we all really enjoyed.  Great quality meats with a large salsa and toppings bar.  What I’m holding here is a pretty typical meal.  Tacos with chicken, pork, steak, or some combination thereof topped with cilantro, a guacamole-type sauce, and typical pico-de-gallo.  The limes in Mexico are different than what we get in the states, they’re smaller, have seeds, and a much stronger (and better) flavor.

The group happened to have planned fireworks one evening, and it feel right on my birthday!  Yep, I had a birthday in Mexico with a bunch of friends and fireworks.

Oh, yeah, and a live band that evening too!  They were pretty good, I enjoyed the performance.

Some nights the campfire circles can be pretty large, sometimes there’s smaller more intimate circles.  From left to right: Marni, Julie, Mark, and Tami.

I haven’t had a whole lot of philosophy or trailer build going into the blog lately, but that’s just because those things aren’t happening.  I’ve been so busy with social activities and making sure to stay on top of work and traveling and so forth that I just haven’t time to be doing much else, including regular blog updates!  At some point, maybe, things will slow down, but for right now, I’m just riding the wave.

And just to polish off this blog entry, I’ll throw in a couple more beach shots.

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