Journey into Mexico

If you’re going to go to Mexico, go in a caravan with a police escort!  Seriously, it was a trip (pun intended)!

We met up at a local shopping mall in El Centro before heading for the border.  I think there were 38 rigs at this point.  It’s impressive to see all of us lined up to head out like this!  This is obviously only a partial shot because it was impossible to get everyone at once.  (I don’t have a drone, yet.)

The plan to get to the border was simple: follow the guy ahead of you.  Well, that worked for about 3 blocks. 🙂  Somebody took the exit from the highway too early, then pulled a u-turn at which point we got all broken up.  We re-grouped soon enough and got directions on where to go, so we all got to the border crossing with only minor drama.

Crossing into Mexico wasn’t difficult, as anticipated.  They asked to see my vehicle registration (but not passport) and if I remember correctly, they briefly inspected my rig.  Once past the border we all lined up on the street to await our police escort.

And of course while we’re waiting I had to try to climb the wall…

When the escort arrived, we were essentially in a police convey.  I’ve never been in anything like that.  The police zoomed ahead to each intersection as we approached, blocked traffic and waved us through.  Traffic lights meant nothing and we got through Mexicali quickly.

I felt both like a jerk and a celebrity at the same time while we blocked traffic and were quickly skirted through Mexicali.  Later in the trip I was able to alleviate the feeling of being a jerk though, so I’ve got a clear conscious now.

Once we were past Mexicali the local police dropped off and we were then escorted by federal police all the way down to San Felipe.  There was a single military checkpoint on the way which went smoothly.  I guess it helps that I don’t carry firearms, alcohol, drugs, dogs, illegal people, or anything like that.  I’m just downright boring!

First sunset in San Felipe.  It was windy when we got there, and the wind stuck around for a few days, but once it cleared, it was basically a paradise, weather-wise.

2 thoughts on “Journey into Mexico”

  1. Did someone call ahead and ask for a police escort???

    Are you going to be excorted out of the country back to USA also?

    I guess 38 rigs would tend to tie up traffic.

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