Slot Canyons and Fonts Point

Lots of hiking and new sights the past couple days.  I’ve been to two different slot canyons and to Fonts Point and another spot near it.  The slot canyons are fun because the canyon narrows to literally just wide enough for a person to squeeze through.  Fonts point has some amazing views, photos below!

Oh yeah, I got to all the fun places!  The whole group loved this sign and we had to take pictures.  I’m not sure we ever really got to the real quicksand part though.  And it’s quite amusing that 4 wheel drive is the appropriate counter-measure to quicksand.

So… how long until that thing falls down?

Some of the rock formations look like they’re wet and about to drip, but they’re actually just hard rock.  I’m sure they look like this due to some combination of water and wind erosion.

Got a nice shot of Kelly as the group is getting into the more narrow bits.  I don’t have any really good shots of the extreme narrow portions just because I was having more fun going through and wasn’t thinking about taking photos.

A perspective of the height of these canyons in places.  Topher is behind me, photo credit goes to Kelly.

I’m workin’ it coming out of the canyon!

First shot at Fonts Point.  When approaching the point, it just looks like normal desert, like everywhere else we’ve been.  It’s only as you get to the very top that you can look out and see a vast array of badlands below, probably several miles in 3 directions.  We got there near sunset, and the colors and views were spectacular.

Photo credits to Brandon on the two images above this.

I liked this last shot with people and a beautiful sunset.  From left to right: Margot, Brandon, Brian.

Keeping track of what activities happened on which days in nearly impossible out here.  I think it was the next day, though I’m not entirely sure, we checked out another slot canyon.

I spent a large portion of the day with Joni (pictured above) which was fun.  Hike in the early morning, laundry and errands in the late morning and early afternoon, then this new slot canyon in the afternoon.  We had a lovely comedy of errors through the day (one of which was my fault!), but we had a great time.  We got separated from a group we were supposed to hike this canyon with, but did eventually meet up with them!

Photo credit: Joni.  Left to right: Me, Brian, Topher, Erick, Jeannie, James, Becky, Margot, Joni.

The shot below was taken last night within easy walking distance of camp and it’s cool my camera actually picked up the purple hues of the sunset as well as it did.

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