Joshua Tree

Last week was spent in Joshua Tree, and that place is really easy to photo.  We stayed in BLM Joshua Tree South, and that worked out just fine.

I picked up a cold during the last couple days of San Felipe, so I was very happy to be able to kick it back in the ‘states.  Once I was feeling better, Margot and I went on several hikes over a couple days in various parts of Joshua Tree and took lots of photos.

There’s lots of different species of cactus in the park.  Quite honestly, I couldn’t care less what they’re all called, but apparently some other people do.  To me, they’re all, “don’t touch it!”

Lots of big rocks to climb on.  A playground for grown-ups.

Hey look, it’s the rule of thirds applied to a landscape photo! (By pure luck of course, but I’ll take it.)

I posted this one on Instagram earlier, but I’m posting it here as well because i liked it so much.

Margot is providing a foreground reference for this shot.  This is after some distance of hiking and we got a nice view with the valley and mini-mountains in the distance.

Hill in the background with a walking path up to it and a nice blue sky.  Sometimes Joshua Tree practically sets up these photos for you without any effort.

Pot luck one evening.  This particular evening we had the pot luck at Kelly & Marshall’s campsite, and I wanted my kitchen to make things, so I brought my whole rig over.  Nice to be mobile!  And yes, this is what it looks like when RVers get together to share a meal: Sourdough bread, green beans, chili, roasted veggies, and salad.

Yep, more photos.

Almost cave-like.  I liked the pop of light here, the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” concept.

Skull rock, a popular photo spot.

Went out on a hike with Kelly outside the park and had another nice spot where the light was a featured highlight.

And then there’s rocks that just shouldn’t exist.  The turquoise portion has small darker spots in it, and then there’s a lighter-colored inlay in the middle of it.  It was unique.

There’s very little water in the park, but where it does exist, it’s very pretty.

Yes, I had to stick my head under that giant rock.  It was there, did I need another reason?

We had a couple of beautiful days in the park.  Really nice to be in an RV and have a flexible schedule so you can shift your days as needed based on weather.

Hangin’ out next to an actual Joshua Tree.

I’ve been enjoying hanging out with Kelly and Marshall the past couple days.  They often need to work on, and it helps me focus on getting some work done too.

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  1. am digging (I’m old, I can say that) the photos and info. Just turned Mom on to clicking on the underlined words in the narrative. Wealth of further info! (not sure if I had been doing this previously myself). One thing that I have really enjoyed (and don’t hate me for this), with my fabulous 27 inch iMac I am able to see really detailed aspects of the many photos. For instance: In the one photo which you mention is your favorite, I enlarged to the fullest extent and low and behold, if you look v. carefully you can clearly see a jet contrail smack dab across the blue-sky portion. Interesting (to me).

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