Early Departure

I moved up my schedule and left a day early.  That’s one thing I love about RV travel: scheduling.  If I want to leave early or stay late, it’s not a big deal.  No airline tickets to change, no car rentals, hotel bookings.  My planned route is to go through Denver, Salt Lake City, then eventually into Oregon.  This evening, I find myself at a JCPenny parking lot in Ponca City (half way between Oklahoma City and Wichita (36.72842,-97.06562).

It’s going to be a warm evening tonight, though not as bad as being in Texas.  I was seriously contemplating actually stopping at an RV park to get electric hookups so I could run the air conditioner.  They’re all so crowded though, and the heat isn’t that bad, so I’m going to try going without and just running a fan tonight.  We’ll see how that goes.

In other news, the new fridge is doing beautifully.  Sips power, keeps a steady temperature, and hasn’t moved a bit even with all the driving I’ve been doing.  It has a nice digital thermostat that lets me set a specific temperature and shows me what the current internal temperature is.  That’s something the old fridge certainly didn’t have.  Thus far, I’m very pleased.

Speaking of the fridge installation, I also re-caulked several places on the camper, sealed up the large access panel that was used with the old fridge, took care of the oil change and fuel filters in the truck, and made sure all the tires were properly inflated to 80psi each.  Nice to get all the maintenance done before departing on a 5,000 mile trip.

I am also enjoying the relaxed pace of this trip I’m on.  It’s nice to be able to have the time to stop whenever I want, not get a certain number of miles in per day, and have it not really matter if I get to point X in Y about of time.  Today I found in the AllStays app a casino that seemed to be offering free electric hookups for your first nights stay.  Sounds perfect!  I got to the coordinates, and it doesn’t exist.  It looks like it may have once existed, but it certainly doesn’t anymore.  Although it was disappointing to not have that venture work out, I had time and energy to go and find other places.  The JCPenny I’ve ended up at is quite nice so far with me being the only RV in the lot, the road noise is basically non-existent, and even the birds are being reasonable with their volume levels.  Tomorrow morning I’ll put in some time at work before eventually continuing on towards Denver.

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